Morning Manna

How many of us can actually live a day without our mobile devices and connections to social media?  I find it fascinating to watch families, couples and individuals (me included) spend so-called “alone time” or “time together” while separated by their devices – half in and out of real conversation taking place in person.  So many distractions, so many voices…no wonder we find ourselves unsettled and all over the place.  Consider how often God pings or pokes us but we cannot hear because of all the other distractions and things (pings, pokes, posts tweets) competing for our attention.  Let’s put our devices down, steal away, quiet our thoughts and give our undivided attention to God.  He has something to say that will not only change but revolutionize our lives, if only we would give Him opportunity. He’s worth the sacrifice!

Love You to Life!!

– Lady Sharon

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