Morning Manna – August 21, 2020

[Inspired by the writings of Chris Tiegreen]

Let your delays, you know…those times when God is silent about the petitions you’ve placed before Him….cultivate your relationship with Him.

We’ve learned that God’s answers may be Yes, No or Know. And as we get to KNOW Him better, we will come to understand His will; and of those many requests we present, those He will favor so we can then offer those persistently and faithfully.

Wow! Isn’t it wonderful to know that when we ask according to God’s will (because we’ve taken the time to KNOW Him), when we remain persistent as did the widow in Luke 18, God will grant our requests?

Pursue your relationship with God because your life depends on it. And watch “a relationship develop where [you] once sought a mail order service”.

Love You All to Life!!

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