Morning Manna – August 14, 2020

[Inspired from the writings of Charles Tiegreen].

Are we living out of duty or out of love – love for our relationship with God? Consider this…do we “do the right thing” out of obligation [pray, give, read our bibles, perform some act service/kindness] only to pat ourselves on the back and move on to more pleasurable things….the things we really prefer doing? Do we  do things somewhat (or completely) begrudgingly only to check that item off the list for the day, as though we’re keeping score with God.

Let us take heed to watch our attitude and motives which have a tendency to discourage, distract, deceive and ultimately destroy us. Remember the 4 D’s?

Anything we do that is not out of pure and perfect love and a passion for Christ and His Kingdom is as a clanging cymbal – it’s just noise y’all. Without love we are nothing! (1 Cor 13).

So the next time you give time for God – don’t be afraid to challenge yourself to see if You’re All In, or if you’re just counting time and simply fulfilling an “obligation”. It’s not about the quantity of a thing, but rather the attitude of love out of which it is done. Love or Duty? – I choose Love.

Love You All to Life!!

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