Morning Manna

Just think on this for a moment..we say we love God with all of our heart and soul, yet how much time do we actually spend in His Word?  I know…we have our routines for prayer and reading but how much effort do we spend seeking what God wants to say to us, meditating and getting to know Him such that our thoughts and ways begin to conform to His?  Hmmmm…something to let simmer a while.  There is a saying that what we focus on expands.  And isn’t it interesting that we somehow allow life’s circumstances to consume us to the point where we have nothing left – especially for God.  We just run out of time….and expect God to understand, we hope?  God’s Word is more than truth, it is also our lifeline so let’s make time to allow Him to speak life to us.

Love You To Life!

– Lady Sharon

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