Morning Manna

While God oftentimes won’t speak so definitely that the need for faith is eliminated, He will speak definitely enough for our faith to have some direction.  All too often, we dismiss His voice because we aren’t sure it’s His (that’s me..all day..most days).  But know that God honors steps of faith, even when we happen to be mistaken.

Listen for any direction that seems like a divine idea, one definitely outside of our comfort zones and “norms” (being careful not to limit the various means through which He may express it), whether conventional or unconventional.  And stop overanalyzing (did I say that aloud)!  Remember, God’s ability to lead us is greater than our ability to deceive ourselves.  In other words, we must trust His ability to lead more than our ability to miss His leading. [Adapted from devotions by Chris Tiegreen].

Love You All to Life!!

Lady Sharon

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