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January 2021 Bible Trivial Question:
Who plotted the execution of John the Baptist?

Answer:  Herodias, wife of Herod (Matthew 14:3-8)

Winner:  Sister Dorothy Pringle


1.  New questions will be posted by the FIRST Sunday of each month.
2.  All answers must be submitted BEFORE the THIRD Sunday of the month; the winner will be announced on the THIRD Sunday.
3.  All responses should be submitted using your OWN device (email or text).
4.  No response will be accepted BEFORE 6:30am on the Monday after a question is announced.
5.  No individual can win more than once a quarter (example, a person who won in July cannot win again until October even if they submitted a correct response first).
6.  All answers must have the scriptural reference to be correct.
7.  There will be only ONE winner. Due to the possibility of having multiple winners, the winner will be the FIRST RESPONSE I receive on my device.
8.  Winners will receive a gift card.


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